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PostSubject: Narcissism   Narcissism EmptySat Aug 11, 2018 10:06 am

Narcissism 101:

Do narcissists love their spouse or their children?



A person who lacks compassion and empathy is not capable of loving or making love.
They use "love" as their camouflage because they want all the benefits of a relationship or marriage or children without ANY of the work.


Because this serves them and helps feed their illusion of normalcy they can provide to the world. They have toxic fear of shame of being exposed for the weak, spineless, powerless, individuals they really are and use love and marriage to provide a false illusion of lies they WANT the world to see.

So they seek, hunt for and target LONG LASTING narcissistic supply and so whom do they target?
You got it. The kindest, most compassionate, generous, best looking, and loving people on the face of the earth. And who are these people?
None other than EMPATHS...the kind, generous vulnerable people many who developed codependency tendencies from childhood abuse and neglect.


Narcissists also suffer from pathological envy.
So they target you because they need what you can provide them, deplete you, AND are pathologically envious of you at the same time.
So they target wounded empaths, "the best of the best" because we are resilient and can tolerate their invalidation longer and can supply them what THEY need longer than the average person.

As totally sick and depraved as this sounds, it is nevertheless the truth.
Your empathetic vulnerabilities and childhood wounds including your pain addictions, overabundance of compassion, and inability to see the bad in others made you attractive to them and unknowingly complicit in your own abuse and exploitation.

They seek, hunt for and target us.

They found us. WE did not find them.

It is a predator prey/parasite host relationship.

It is not love.

It is narcissistic abuse.

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