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 About the Smileys

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About the Smileys Empty
PostSubject: About the Smileys   About the Smileys EmptyThu Jul 12, 2018 10:41 am

Cool cgrt
There are five different categories of smileys:

Basic Emotions - happy, sad, mad...the simple ones

Extra Emotions - hugs, love, evil and the deeper ones

Nature & Mystic - kind of anything earth-related like plants, animals, sun, moon, nature beings, etc

Word & Symbol - signs, symbols, greetings, hand gestures and anything universally recognised to stand for an idea or thing

Misc - all the rest

Some smileys are bigger than normal and will throw the text out but that is to encourage free expression. Nothing here is meant to fit in a little box. Life is loud and non-conformist so feel free to use the smileys however you want. I will be adding more as they are needed

About the Smileys Tumblr10
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About the Smileys
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