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 Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius July 28 2018

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Golden Lotus
Golden Lotus

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PostSubject: Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius July 28 2018   Wed Jul 25, 2018 1:12 pm

The FULL MOON/LUNAR ECLIPSE occurs on Friday, July 27, 2018, at 4:20 PM EDT.

On Friday afternoon, a Full Moon occurs when the Leo Sun opposes the Moon in Aquarius. The Full Moon is a time of culmination and the promise of fulfillment of that which was started at the New Moon. It is an emotional time—a time of romance, fertilization, and relationships.

This Full Moon is a total Lunar Eclipse. A Lunar eclipse is an especially potent lunation — in this case a potent Full Moon. Lunar eclipses are relationship-oriented. The “crisis” that these eclipses tend to elicit is a crisis of lack–a time when we suddenly realize a great need or want. The impact of the crisis can act to sever a relationship–it’s possible. But it can also bring two people together with a sudden awareness of a great need for each other. Although Lunar eclipses are more relationship-oriented than Solar eclipses, they are not always about relationships between two people. They can trigger awareness of need in other areas of our lives, such as our relationship to work, to our health and bodies, and so forth. This is a time when matters come to light–things that have been brewing under the surface.

Lunar Eclipses are about relationships and polarities. With the Leo-Aquarius axis involved, this Lunar Eclipse presses us to look more closely at our needs, lacks, and wants in our lives. The Leo-Aquarius polarity deals with the balance between all that is personal (Leo) and all that is impersonal (Aquarius). The energy of Leo is creative self-expression and the boost to the individual ego that we receive through pleasure and romance, while Aquarius rules the group, more impersonal friendships, and objectivity.


This Full Moon urges us to strike a balance between romance and friendship, and between expressing ourselves in personal and impersonal ways. The Leo Sun is proud and intensely individual—not content with simply being just one of the team. The Aquarius Moon, while individualistic as well, values the team. The Full Moon illuminates this conflict. Some sort of crisis (which can be a crisis of consciousness) or sudden awareness of a lack in our lives provides us with a golden opportunity to explore our emotional needs within the context of the house polarity where the eclipse occurs in our natal charts. Relationships may be challenged, broken, or strengthened dramatically at this time. Our discovery is emotionally charged and dramatic. Epiphanies are likely at this time as we become acutely aware of our lack. This understanding can propel us into positive action.

This eclipse forms a square to Uranus, and there can be a sense of surprise, shock, or frustration involved with our emotional discoveries. Certainly, there can be a strong urge—or need—to break free from old patterns, and the temptation may be to make a stand or force the issue. The Moon aligns with retrograde Mars, and it can be an especially revealing time as it’s likely to pull up unrest, resentment, and buried frustrations. There can be a real desire to master a situation. It’s a good idea to be open to possibilities while attempting to put aside those things that won’t serve us well if magnified. Finalizing plans should probably be saved for a later date and we should watch for too-quick decisions and actions, but paying close attention to what’s illuminated now makes sense. Through the events or the tensions of this time, we can ultimately get to a better understanding of ourselves, and particularly of our desires.

From Cafe Astrology

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Golden Lotus
Golden Lotus

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PostSubject: Re: Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius July 28 2018   Thu Jul 26, 2018 12:55 pm

So how is this big Aquarius Blood Moon with total lunar eclipse going to affect you personally?

What The July 2018 Blood Moon Means For You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

If you're feeling the effects of five simultaneously retrograde planets, just know the July 27 blood moon and total lunar eclipse is coming, and it's going to make things even more intense.This red moon — coupled with the longest lunar eclipse of the century — is going to have all signs feeling everything more intensely than usual.
Knowledge is power. If you know that things are going to get weird, you can remind yourself that it's the moon coupled with Mercury, which turns retrograde the day before the full blood moon. In fact, I suggest repeating the mantra "it's just the moon" when you start to feel like you're going bananas.

Aries, the July 2018 blood moon might have you feeling like you've suddenly become a Gemini. For you, the blood moon and total lunar eclipse will bring a kind of duality that you're not used to. You could experience the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, and you'll struggle to find any middle ground.

Taurus, overall it's been a strange summer for you. While you're usually careful to weigh every option before acting, the five retrograde planets have you moving at a furious pace. And, the July 2018 blood moon is going to reveal some of the downfalls of going against your nature.

Gemini, your twinning nature is going to serve you well during the July 2018 blood moon and lunar eclipse. Not only are you going to have a positive Mercury retrograde experience, the same goes for the blood moon. While everyone else is feeling dark and twisty, you'll be feeling bright and shiny, which means you might be called on to act as a bright light to struggling friends and loved ones.

Cancer, you already have all of the feelings all of the time. During the July 2018 blood moon get ready to be caught off guard by an unexpected infatuation that results in an intense physical connection. While it may just be the energy of the moon, this connection is worth exploring. Aside from romance, you can expect other surprises as well.

Leo, the July 2018 blood moon will yank you out of your fantasy world and remind you that you're not actually the center of the universe. If you've been taking more than you've been giving in your personal and professional relationships, use this time to find some much needed balance if you want to hold on to what's important to you. Putting the work in now can pay off big later.

Virgo, while Leo is advised to be more giving, the July 2018 blood moon is sending a message that you should be more selfish. If you've been overextending yourself and neglecting your own needs, it's time to right that wrong. The full blood moon and lunar eclipse will direct you to meditate on what you really want and need, which can serve as a much-needed cosmic house cleaning.

Libra, if you've been feeling overwhelmed this summer, the pressure isn't going to let up any time soon. However, the struggles and frustrations brought to light by the July 2018 blood moon and lunar eclipse will serve a greater good even though they might be painful in the moment. Try to find balance, ground yourself, and take extra time for self care.

Scorpio, bad decisions you could make under the influence of the July 2018 blood moon and lunar eclipse. If you don't take a beat between impulse and action, you become your own worst enemy and make a mess that takes you years to clean up.A tendency to act rashly without regard for the consequences can lead to great disruption in your life.

Sagittarius, if it feels like you've been working your butt off and no one has noticed, the July 2018 blood moon and lunar eclipse are going to shine a light on your accomplishments. Any stalled projects, relationships, or even creative ideas will suddenly move forward at a furious pace. Get ready for a wild ride.

Capricorn, the July 2018 blood moon and lunar eclipse could have you in a karmic tug of war over financial matters, work projects, and for the alpha role in a relationship. Basically, it's going to be very frustrating because you're not willing to surrender your position.

Aquarius, this eclipse will determine the course of your life over the next few years, so it's important to pay attention to any karmic messages you receive. If you feel like the path you're on is a dead end, the July 2018 blood moon and lunar eclipse will offer a fork in the road. If you're ready to try something new, this is the best time to get started.

Pisces, you can expect to experience a heightened sense of intuition during the July 2018 blood moon and lunar eclipse. During this time it's more important than ever to listen to your gut, even if you encounter resistance from others. Ignoring signs from the universe or making rash decisions to avoid conflict could lead to trouble later; make sure to stand your ground.

Overall, the July 2018 blood moon and total lunar eclipse will unleash powerful cosmic energy for everyone. Take some time before the eclipse to write down your intentions so you can use the energy of this blood moon and eclipse to manifest more of what you really want.



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Golden Lotus
Golden Lotus

Posts : 53
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Location : Terra Australis

PostSubject: Re: Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius July 28 2018   Thu Jul 26, 2018 1:08 pm

In astrology, the Moon rules over our emotional body and our intuition. It allows us to feel and reminds us that we are so much more than just what we can see.

Out of all the lunar activity we will ever feel or experience, July’s Blood Moon Total Eclipse is going to be one of the most potent. This is because it is the longest Lunar Eclipse we will have this century.

Falling in the air sign of Aquarius on July 27th, this Blood Moon Total Eclipse is so strong that it’s going to penetrate straight into the pits of our soul, in order to shift and upgrade us to a new level.

Planet Earth is a challenging dimension. There are wars, famines, so much pain and so much suffering, and yet, our souls signed up to come here. Our souls chose to come to Earth at this time because we knew it was where we needed to be.

Under this Blood Moon Eclipse energy, the karma of our soul is going to be stirred, and if we pay attention, we may get a glimmer or a reminder as to why our soul chose this journey in the first place.

While we may look at life through our physical eyes as being unfair, good, bad, and everything in between, the eyes of our soul sees things differently.

When we look at life through our spiritual or third eye, we begin to see life take on a whole new meaning and a whole new color.

Life on Earth is a challenge, but we signed up for it. And, on the night of this Blood Moon Eclipse, things are going to be pulled and drawn out of us so we can remember what we came here to learn, and what our purpose is moving forward.

Opportunities like this come as a gift to remind us, to activate us, and to awaken us to what path we need to be on, and where we need to make some changes.

This Aquarius Eclipse is going to push us. It is going to take from us. It is going to penetrate us right where it hurts, so we can clear, release, and find our freedom.

As the longest Lunar Eclipse we will ever experience, this is an opportunity for us to dig deep, and reach further to clear and let go of all that we no longer want to carry. This is a time for us to purge, cleanse, and detoxify. This is a time for us to release the karma of many lifetimes.

We have to surrender all that is weighing us down. We have to surrender and allow ourselves to be lead and guided.


Aquarius energy is all about the bigger picture. We are all this together. We cannot blame each other or one person. We cannot only feel what we feel. Whether we realize it or not, we feel everything. We feel everyone. We feel every tiny vibration and every tiny thought.

With the heightened sensitivity of the Blood Moon Eclipse, a portal will open, and we will be able to see and feel the pain and the love, the joy and the fear, the emotions of every single living thing on this planet. And when we do, we will find that there is no separation.

This intense feeling can stir up and activate a whole host of pains and wounds on many levels.

Under this energy, we may feel like acting impulsively, lashing out or doing something rash. We may also feel the heaviness of the world, and in turn, feel hopeless or uncertain about the future.

While these are all things we will have to breathe through, know that there is a way to access the light in all of this. All we have to do is surrender. All we have to do is release. All we have to do is give up everything we ever thought about ourselves, and just allow ourselves to be.

Just allow yourself to be in a state of stillness, in a state of nothingness. Allow the Universe to take what it needs. Allow yourself to let go of all that is being shaken or pried from your hands.

Have confidence, and have faith that there is a bigger picture behind all of this, and try to see things not with your eyes, but through your eye. Try to see things from the viewpoint of your higher self, your third eye, and remember that this is all just a temporary journey.

After the human journey is over, you will return to your true form and your true state. But until that time, there is work to be done. That work cannot be done if you forget why you are really here, and who you really are.

That work cannot be done if you don’t understand that everyone around you and all events that are drawn to you, are shaping and molding you in the way your soul asked to be.

July’s Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse will release and activate old pains, but what it will also do, if you are willing, is guide you to your soul and to the part of you that signed up for this Earthly mission.

And when you access that part of you, you will see the world differently, and you will see others differently, and you will know that the Universe is not just guiding you, it is you.

[url= http://foreverconscious.com/intuitive-astrology-blood-moon-lunar-eclipse-july-2018]forever conscious[/url]

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PostSubject: Re: Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius July 28 2018   

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Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius July 28 2018
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