Universal Growth and Healing
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 Selfcare and Experiences Throughout Healing

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Golden Lotus
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PostSubject: Selfcare and Experiences Throughout Healing   Sun Jul 22, 2018 6:30 pm

Whether you undergo physical, psychological, energy body or other healing, you may experience a healing crisis. When we heal, we shift energy which often leads to a release. Because we live in a 3D solid matter environment, our body absorbs everything. Our thoughts become matter - even diseases, or toxic waste - held within the cells in our body. Water makes up the majority of our cells and it has a crystalline structure designed to hold information. When we are unwell, this information is from negative thoughts, bad memories, fear, horrible experiences, unresolved situations...the list goes on. This energy is held by the cells which then tells the body it is at dis-ease creating an imbalance and unwellness.

When we have healing to support our wholeness, and commit to doing the necessary work to process whatever led to the dis-ease, release happens. This can involve headaches, diarrhea, wind, nightmares, static electricity, crying, sleeplessness...all things that make us think we are worse off than before the healing! But hang in there because it doesn't usually last for long (in most cases between 3 to 5 days). After that you will feel much better or changed. This healing crisis can also happen during upgrades to DNA or light being released from your DNA. During integration, you might feel unwell like you have a minor bug or cold for up to a week, after which you will notice your sensitivity has changed and you have increased clarity.

Some people don't experience the healing crisis every time or at all. This doesn't mean it hasn't worked. Perhaps the release is happening at a subatomic level or through their subtle bodies. Everybody is different. The important thing to know, is that after healing you take good care of yourself. Drink plenty of water, rest, eat nutritiously and allow yourself to acknowledge any emotions or thoughts that come to the surface.

Healing is an ongoing journey so not everything happens after the first session. Give yourself time between healings to recover and consider adding other supportive modalities to your plan. A holistic approach is great, utilising what resonates or works for you whether it be alternate therapies, traditional medicine or a combination of both. Listen to what your body and your intuition tells you.

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Selfcare and Experiences Throughout Healing
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